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We Want to Meet You and Help You Achieve Your Business Goals – JOIN CIR REALTY and attend our Ninja Selling Installation for FREE!

A confidential interview is the best way to consider how CIR REALTY’S diverse support can help your real estate business reach it’s true potential.

You will participate in a 60—90 minute meeting with one of our managers where we talk with you on a customized, hands-on tour of CIR’s services and culture as it applies to your unique situation.

We believe the right fit with the right brokerage is crucial to your future success.

Our Managers have decades of specialized real estate experience.


from Left to Right:
Russ Austin, Assistant Broker,   David K. Anderson, Broker Delegate – NE,   Kirsten Faverin, Marketing Manager,   Chris Mortenson, Conveyance / HR Manager,   Steve Phillips, Broker Delegate – Downtown,   Audra Reinhardt, Broker Delegate – South,   Terence Walsh, Broker Delegate – North West,    Lindsey Smith, Manager of Operations / Realtor Development,   Ron Stader, CEO / General Manager



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