CIR’s Best My Nest Program



Best My Nest

By creating valuable partnerships with local businesses who offer home products, or home related services, we have put together a vast network of vendors all offering special discounts for your clients!

Connecting you to the people, services and ideas that make living your best life in your home possible.

Our Best My Nest vendors are also committed to practical, fun and educational “house hacks.” Through our blog and monthly newsletter, your clients will learn to live their best and most efficient life in their home.

Best My Nest VIP Members also have access to a variety of hands-on classes and seminars, brought to you by CIR and our Partner Vendors, to help teach skills and inspire creativity that you can use in your day-to-day home life.

Best My Nest is a CIR REALTY Program specifically designed to enhance and excite the homeownership experience for your clients.


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